In-house training and education

Increase your team’s competence with my interactive practical educations designed for your needs. 

Using your problems shared beforehand, I will plan a training session that works around them. Depending on the area which you need help on, I will handle the class alone or collaborate with other experts in this field to give you the best.

Currently, I provide training sessions in the following areas: 

Analytics and Insight – How to interpret your data and generate action-driven insights. I show how to incorporate Google Analytics and Google Data Studio in the daily work of your team. 

CROWebsites should not be designed like paintings, but generate sales and make users act as businesses would like them to. I teach designers, marketing managers and project managers how to design websites and produce content having conversion and business goals in mind. 

Google Tag Manager (GTM)Learn how to use Google Tag Manager and get started tracking important information and events on your website.

SEO training – Learn everything about onsite optimisation, understand Google’s algorithms and learn how to implement and measure SEO campaigns.

Who the training is for?


For web editors and content creators

Learn how to create content so that it is SEO-friendly and based on what users are searching for. 


For designers and project managers

Learn to make your design data-driven and think in terms of user objectives, Project managers benefit from the training by being able to understand what value constant optimisation bring to clients and how to sell it.


For new hires

Ensure a quick onboarding by introducing your new employees to the data-driven way of working.

Maria is a very close partner to Triggerfish and has helped tremendously over the past year. We decided to raise the knowledge around conversion in the whole bureau and really make it something that goes across all disciplines. Conversion per say what not new to us but we never really had a strong strategy for everyone.
We started our partnership with and in-depth training of what is conversion? What drives conversion? What principles are there? We reviewed a number of our latest projects and discussed why and how. Maria is part of core delivery and we work together on a number of clients and has increased revenue for all of them.
Maria never holds back to say the truth. You can always be sure to get very valid and fact based input from her.

Jakob Pervnik

CEO, Triggerfish, digital agency in Stockholm

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