In the last 7 years, I’ve been working in the digital sphere.

Digital competence is a messy subject susceptible to tautology and the usage of hyped words. This page is an assemblage of my knowledge, skills, tools I use and the problems I solve.

No two projects are the same

I use my own best practices to cater to the needs and goals of every unique project, with its own set of tools, KPIs and deliverables. Here is a list of tools I use often.

Web analysis

Google Analytics – to understand customers in order to drive businesses forward

Hotjar, CrazyEgg – to see how visitors are really using websites, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers

Google Surveys – to get fast and reliable opinions from customers 

Optimizely, Google Optimize – to test variations of sites and apps 

Google Tag Manager – to quickly manage tags and set up new tracking without developers’ help

    Data visualization

    Google Data Studio, Tableau, Klipfolio – to create live dynamic reports for internal teams and clients to follow the progress

    Digital marketing

    Semrush, Ahrefs, Google keyword planner – for research and devising strategies for ensuring businesses get measurable results from online marketing.

    Google display, video, search ads – to reach the right audience with the right content whenever they are

    Conversion optimization

    Apart from A/B testing and behaviour tracking software, I use the latest research found in academic publications such as Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer psychology, Journal of Business Research and others.

    Typical client requests

    These are some typical questions and requests I get contacted with. 

    We need more clarity - what are we trying to achieve online?

    We are not sure about the purpose of our web presence. We have our website, and we are publishing a lot of content, but it would be nice to get more insight into how we work and decide on which content to produce. What are we trying to achieve?

    We want to convert visitors better - what mistakes do we make?

    We have our goals and tracking implemented, but we want to convert more visitors into leads/sales. Our conversion rate is quite low right now, and we think our web designers were not too conversion-focused. How do we fix this?

    We don't measure our campaigns and website behaviour in detail

    We are launching a new website/campaign and want to make sure we have everything tracked so we can follow the stats easily. Where do we start from?

    Help us grow!

    We have had the same digital agency for years now and trusted them unconditionally. However, the results are not as expected. Can you check if there is anything we can do better/differently?

    Let’s talk

    Schedule a call and let’s get into details on how your online strategy could bring you more clients and help your brand to stand out.