Definition workshops

Definition workshops set the basis for defining business goals, target audiences and focus questions for the business. Typically, the setup is based on the information exchange where, based on my analysis, I provide customers with insights about their web presence, which is a way of gaining their perspective on the direction of their business. This double information input sets a necessary foundation for defining the way forward.

Every workshop is designed for the needs of the specific business. Below are the areas that workshops can cover.

  • Digital goals and KPIs
  • Persona mapping
  • New features
  • Industry best practices

Reasons to have a workshop


Get a better understanding of your users

Before the workshop, I analyse your web presence, which creates the basis for workshop discussions. My analysis helps you understand your users better and leads to better workshop discussions.


Define and prioritise

Based on your business objectives, define KPIs and personas that are of the highest importance to the business.


Create a shared vision

Make sure everyone is aligned internally with your established vision. Every workshop is documented.

Maria helped us with implementing an analytic approach and data-driven thinking into our daily processes. She uses an excellent digital measurement framework the value of which was clearly demonstrated when it was applied to our web presence. Our workshops helped us to better define our web goals, KPIs, important segments and web targets. Maria has also built Google Data Studio dashboards for us, establishing a single point of reference for all digital information. Maria was invited to present our work to the board of directors which was very appreciated.

Eva Kristiansson

VD, Personalstiftelsen PostNord Plus

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