Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers or makes them take the desired action on a webpage. It is commonly referred to as CRO.

By working with CRO, I’ve been increasing my clients’ website profitability with a track record of delivering exceptional ROI.

I put user behaviour at the heart of my work. My hypotheses are backed-up by data insights and in-depth user research, ensuring a deep understanding of the user’s needs and uncovering the best possible solutions. 

I look at the persuasion techniques website use such as relevance, trust, action, value & consequences. I also pay attention to the security and usability aspects of the websites such as ease, forms, buttons, navigation etc.


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Conversion audit

The goal of the conversion audit is to examine how well website caters for the desired user behaviour. Conversion analysis combines consideration of the website goals (engagement with content, increasing the number of signups, sales, etc.) and best conversion & design practices that are recommended for every website but are still context-based.


CRO training

The CRO training will help you identify and break down the barriers to conversion on your site, increase revenue and maximise ROI. I tailor my classes to fit my clients’ needs, which ensures that they receive relevant skills in practical areas of CRO practice.


A/B testing

I design, build and run A/B tests. I discuss the hypotheses for testing together with my clients and prioritise testing based on the importance.

Maria is a very close partner to Triggerfish and has helped tremendously over the past year. We decided to raise the knowledge around conversion in the whole bureau and really make it something that goes across all disciplines. Conversion per say what not new to us but we never really had a strong strategy for everyone.
We started our partnership with and in-depth training of what is conversion? What drives conversion? What principles are there? We reviewed a number of our latest projects and discussed why and how. Maria is part of core delivery and we work together on a number of clients and has increased revenue for all of them.
Maria never holds back to say the truth. You can always be sure to get very valid and fact based input from her.

Jakob Pervnik

CEO, Triggerfish, digital agency in Stockholm

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