Want to work with me?

Great, this is going to be fun. Send me an email at maria.duner@gmail.com with the details of what you need help with. I always try to get back within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Question

Please read my FAQ section before sending an inquiry. We don’t want to waste each other’s time with questions that were already answered. 

Can you help us setting up our Social Media campaigns?

At the moment I don’t take new SM projects. This is because I only take one SM client at a time, and the spot is booked until 2020. However, I am happy to help with tracking setup and reporting.

When can you start?

It depends on the urgency and complexity of the project. Smaller projects can be started within a couple of weeks time, retainers and bigger projects need to be discussed individually. 

Can we pay hourly?

You can pay hourly or by project, but I don’t take projects with estimated load less than 12 hours per month.

Can you work from our office?

Yes and no. 🙂 I usually find the office environment quite distracting and prefer to avoid it. However, if there are certain reasons and benefits to working from your office, I am certainly available for discussions on this subject.

Can we employ you?

Currently I am not looking for being employed.

Still wondering?

You have something in mind but you are not sure if I can help? Just send an email to maria.duner@gmail.com with your project details or the problem you are tying to solve.