Analytics and Reporting

I help businesses to identify how their goals have to be tracked in the best possible way and how to measure success. This includes identifying KPIs and conversion points based on the business objectives, setup and quality assurance of all necessary tracking. Creating data visualisation dashboards is also vital to track progress and help with insights.

Tracking setup can include:

  • Correct configuration of Google Analytics (Filtering, Goals, Demographics, Search function)
  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • Setup of custom goals based on specific activities by users on the page (downloads, signups, outgoing link click etc.)
  • Configuration of additional tools to gain insights about customer behaviour and continuously optimise the website (heatmap/click map tracking, Google Search Console setup, A/B testing setup, Poll/survey setup
  • Creating custom dashboards to track monthly progress

How it works


Planning and Strategy

Starting work without a measurement plan and data strategy can leave you guessing about the effectiveness of your marketing. Before you can begin to measure success, you need to define what success is actually being measured against. My approach to measurement planning translates your objectives into measurable metrics for your website, creating a safe base for your digital marketing strategy. Read more here.


Tracking Audit and Optimisation

I delve into your analytics setup to identify any issues and provide the fixes to get you on the road to success. Sometimes, even the smallest of changes can have a significant impact on how your data is being captured and reported. This means data requirements change and tracking breaks. I ensure that your tracking is always updated and works as it should.


Reporting and Insights

With data, I aim to answer business-critical questions, support strategic decision-making and inform you about on-going campaigns and projects. I create beautiful dashboards that help my client to analyse their web performance.

Maria helped us with implementing an analytic approach and data-driven thinking into our daily processes. She uses an excellent digital measurement framework the value of which was clearly demonstrated when it was applied to our web presence. Our workshops helped us to better define our web goals, KPIs, important segments and web targets. Maria has also built Google Data Studio dashboards for us, establishing a single point of reference for all digital information. Maria was invited to present our work to the board of directors which was very appreciated.

Eva Kristiansson

VD, Personalstiftelsen PostNord Plus

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